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The APIF's second key focus is on supporting library services where they are most needed. Properly resourced and managed libraries can provide a cornerstone of the literary and educational life of communities everywhere. More than mere book repositories, they can be cultural hubs that engender vitality and inspiration.


The Book Bunk - Kenya

Angela and Wanjiru site visit

Kenyan library restoration project Book Bunk was assigned $50,000, and Dubai Cares gave a further $10,000 one-off donation for children’s books to stock the library. Book Bunk’s mission is to restore the historical McMillan Memorial Library, in Nairobi, working with city authorities to encourage community engagement in libraries.

After several years of researching, planning, lobbying and implementing, the team have transformed the dilapidated buildings and their obsolete, colonial-era book collections into fresh, user-friendly incubators of knowledge, community cohesion, and cultural autonomy.

Exposing Hope - Kenya

Kakuma libraryThe other library in the 2020 grant round was a project called Exposing Hope, which is building a facility at the sprawling Kakuma refugee settlement in northern Kenya. Kakuma was created in 1992 to take in the so-called Lost Boys of South Sudan and refugees from Ethiopia and Somalia fleeing conflict at home. It is now one of the largest refugee camps in the world, with a population over 191,000 from 19 different countries, including thousands of school age children.


Book Aid International - Tanzania

Book Aid International, libraryBook Aid International will transform three shipping containers into fully-equipped libraries in Dunga, a rural community of 76,000 in the Zanzibar region of Tanzania, where children can enjoy reading, young learners can study for exams, and adults can read and learn new skills. Itwill be filled with 5,000 new books for children and adults in English and local languages.

The library will be staffed by three trained librarians who will promote the resource to the whole community and run special activities for girls and outreach to local schools.

Chirikure Chirikure - Zimbabwe

Chirikure ChirikureCelebrated Zimbabwean poet Chirikure Chirikure will build a modern community library in Zimbabwe's Nemashakwe area, Gutu district, to offer 800 students and young people access to books, a place to study, and programs to attain livelihood skills.

Chirikure's family will convert some of its own buildings for the project, which will invest the APIF grant incomputers, connectivity, solar installation and a water borehole for the users of the resource centre.


Book Aid International - Ghana, Uganda and Zimbabwe

Schoolchildren using a libraryBook Aid Internationalhas developed the African Story Box project with local reading promotion partners to increase access to African and international storybooks among six to 12 year olds.

The work will be focused on 36 primary schools in Ghana, Uganda and Zimbabwe, where Book Aid International and its partners will organise reading promotion events for local publishers, head teachers, teachers, children, parents, education ministers and other stakeholders. The books will be used to encourage regular reading for pleasurein and out of school.