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The second key focus is on supporting library services where they are most needed. Properly resourced and managed libraries can provide a cornerstone of the literary and educational life of communities everywhere. More than mere book repositories, they can be cultural hubs that engender vitality and inspiration.

Nairobi library restoration

Kenyan library restoration project Book Bunk was assigned $50,000, and Dubai Cares unexpectedly gave a further $10,000 for children’s books to stock the library.

Book Bunk’s mission is to restore the historical McMillan Memorial Library, in Nairobi, and the $50,000 from the APIF is for work on the library’s Kaloleni branch. Book Bunk works with the Nairobi authorities to encourage community engagement in libraries, through events, walking tours and film screenings.

Rural Libraries Initiative

The final beneficiary of the 2019 IPA APIF is to be an initiative to support the provision of a library to a rural African community. A $10,000 donation has been assigned to a project called Exposing Hope, which is building a library at the Kakuma refugee camp, in Kenya.