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The APIF: three years of making change

The Africa Publishing Innovation Fund has ended after three intensive years funding grassroots projects to tackle publishing-linked challenges in Africa.  

Born of a 2019 agreement between the International Publishers Association (IPA) and Dubai Cares, the APIF's founding premise was that local challenges need local solutions.

Using US $800,000 provided by Dubai Cares, the APIF has financed 18 projects covering indigenous language publishing, literacy, distance learning, library access in remote communities, and accessible book publishing for visually impaired readers.

The objectives of this unprecedented undertaking were to remove barriers to reading and learning; to encourage and enable homegrown talent; and to reward the problem-solving spirit that’s the hallmark of African innovation and business. 

Today, tens of thousands of people in more than 20 countries are feeling the benefits of work done by changemakers funded by the APIF.

In the APIF’s final report, we describe the full extent of our work in the hope of demonstrating that we have at last partly succeeded in those aims.

Read the final report.