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The APIF is a wide-reaching grass-roots initiative whose success hinges on contributions from a panoply of people who believe that Africa can and should be a global publishing powerhouse.

It starts with the APIF Committee, comprising five African publishers with deep experience of the markets in which they operate. They understand the challenges and the opportunities and have a nose for talent and potential when it comes calling.

Of course, the APIF would be nothing without the ingenuity and grit of the applicants. These are the innovators who devote themselves to expanding and improving the African biblioscape by promoting literacy and reading, unlocking access to literary content, and creating books that resonate with their audiences.

Below is a selection of short podcasts that were recorded as part of the International Publishers Association’s 125thanniversary celebrations, in 2021. In them, you will hear from some of the grantees who have been able to make their vision a reality thanks to APIF funding, and from the APIF committee members who believed in them.

We hope you enjoy them.

Akoss Ofori-Mensah, Ghana


Lawrence Njagi, Kenya


Learners Girls Foundation, Ghana


eKitabu, Kenya


Save The Children, Rwanda


Book Aid International


Exposing Hope, Kenya


Chirikure Chirikure, Zimbabwe


Book Bunk, Kenya